Upcoming Workshops

Workshops are a beautiful way to connect with the community and dive into topics with greater focus and awareness. Soul Wave Yoga offers an array of workshops and ceremonies. Check out our upcoming workshops below!

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Energetic’s of Yoga- Blue Moon Yoga 1/13/19 2-5 PM $50

This workshop is for those seeking to deepen their connection to the practice of yoga, beyond just asana. You will learn about subtle energy systems of the body such as the koshas, chakras, Vayus and the 3 Vital essences. With this expansion of awareness we will dive into crystal and quantum healing. You will learn how to protect your own energetic field and balance out your chakras. We will end with a guided meditation that will bring you on a journey of spinal breathing, protection and balancing of each chakra, and awareness of the subtle energies discussed in the beginning of the workshop. You will leave feeling empowered, cleansed, and balanced. You will also take home a written manual that will give you the tools and techniques discussed in class so you can continue your own energy practices at home. 


Cacao Ceremony- Click below to sign up!

Sacred Cacao is medicine for the heart. The cacao is prepared by a shaman in Guatemala. you will guided into a chakra meditation, inner & group reflection, and a restorative yoga class. Cacao unlocks our creative potential and divine connection. This ceremony will bring you to a place of deep relaxation so that you may finding grounding into your truth. To find that place of balance within, we surrender and open the floodgates of that which no longer serves us. The filters of any judgments, resentments, angers, fears, aches or disillusion, will dissolve and you will open into clarity and peace. It's all within the guidance of the cacao spirit and your intention to go within. The chakra mediation will prepare you for the sacred cacao drink. Through the meditation your vibrations of intentions change the energy of you cacao so when it is time to drink, it is pure medicine, perfectly made for your own transformation. We then sink and rest into that journey through inner and group reflection. To end, we move through an energetic release journey where you will us a crystal to help release any last density in the heart space- anything that is restricting the pure openness of your heart space.


Magic Touch: Art of Assisting- Hanuman Lounge- 208 Bay Street, Floor 2, Staten Island, New York 10301

This is an intensive all day training for teachers looking to deepen their intuitive assisting techniques and to find more comfort and ease assisting during a class. You will learn how to assist during a class that is quick and powerful to a class that is gentle and restorative. You will be given a written manual in order to continue to refine  your assisting practice as you move forward. This course will include an introduction where we will review the power of touch, logistics of assisting and dive into the gems of intuitive assisting. You will work one one one to practice various assists during the workshop. To end the training we will split the group into two and practice during an in class setting using a combination of the assists you learned that day. This way you will leave feeling fully confident to deepen your assisting practice with your students!