Yoga is a systematic practice that can be used as a tool to uncover our deepest truth. In order to find our truth we move through the process of letting go of emotional, mental, and physical blockages. In this way, yoga helps to alleviate pain, build strength, increase endurance, flexibility & lung capacity, creates greater focus, awareness & balance (in all aspects of life), and can relieve anxiety & depression. For more information about the physical benefits of yoga please click here.

When practicing yoga the breath moves the body. In deep practice one can let go of physical, mental, or emotional limitations. The breath becomes your guide and you can flow through an inner journey. Yoga is about transformation but above all complete devotion to our Higher Selves. Through the practice of Vinyasa (movement with breath) and deep meditation one will find their connection back to the home of the Absolute, an ocean of truth, deep peace and everlasting joy

Yoga is the practice of every moment. The greater teachings of how we speak, think, act, love, eat, and so on! Yoga is about presence. Finding the divine spark in each moment. If you are interested in learning more, Ashley Seymour offers weekly classes, workshops and private sessions


200 Hour Yoga Teachers Training

Ashley works with School Yoga Institute facilitating yoga teachers training. School Yoga Institute is a unique training that not only comprises the requirements of Yoga Alliance allowing you to successfully and artfully teach a dynamic and safe yoga class, but you will dive into other topics such as Peruvian Shamanism, Ayurvedic Medicine, and transforming ceremonies. This is a training of transformation and inner growth. School Yoga Institute has been offering training for close to 20 years all around the world. A training with Ashley will involve an immersion into physical adjustments/assisting and energy balancing technique and a deep dive into the chakras, pranayama, meditation, and much more! Ashley is co-facilitating 3 training’s a year in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

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Reiki can aid in the recovery of illnesses and injuries, reduce stress & anxiety, balance out all energy centers of the body, clear through blockages (emotional, mental, or physical) and guide you to your true inner essence of peace. If you feel scattered, fearful, anxious, imbalanced, ungrounded, or ill, then Reiki will serve you as a form of healing. If you want to become more intimate with your higher self, gain deeper insights, and build upon your physic strength and intuition, then Reiki can also serve you.

Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes healing on all levels of our being- physical, emotional and spiritual . Rei stands for spiritual wisdom and Ki stands for life energy and is the primary energy of our emotions, thoughts and spiritual life. Reiki moves the vital life force/universal life energy through the giver by touch or at a distance. The life energy that flows through the body is guided by spiritual consciousness and is always for the receivers highest good. Reiki heals by balancing the energy of Ki (life energy) which animates our physical body (organs & tissues) and makes up the energy fields surrounding our physical body. When Ki is disrupted, our physical, emotional and spiritual states can be diminished. A disruption of Ki is the main cause of illness. During a session, Reiki will work to release blockages allowing a healthy flow of Ki to return to the body.

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Energy Balance

Working with the chakra system and crystals we begin to balance the energy systems of the body. Our chakras connect to the way we feel, think, and act. When our energy systems are mis-aligned, the imbalance can ripple into many aspects of our life. Through the healing forces of Reiki and crystals and stones the imbalanced chakras are located and cleansed. Most importantly, you will gain a deeper connection to yourself. We will discuss where the imbalances occurred, why it a may have developed, and ways in which you can actively take part in your own healing and continued balance in life.

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Shamanic Reiki

Shamanism is an ancient form of healing where the shaman has a continued connection to spirit, allowing divine light and healing to move through the shaman. Through this divine connection the shaman is able to be a conduit for this energy, serving those in need. They also bring individuals on journey’s whereby one is guided within and can take an active part in their own healing process. Reiki heals through the universal life force energy. During a Reiki session, the healing life force energy moves through the guide and into the receiver, overtime the wisdom of Reiki will dissolve any energetic blockages or imbalances.These two practices, combined together, is a powerful tool in serving those in need.

Ashley has studied Shamanic techniques in Peru and is a Reiki level 2 practitioner. A shamanic Reiki session with Ashley would either include releasing energetic blockages from the body (called intrusions) or removing energetic cords. The intrusions, if not removed from the body, can manifest as physical disease. The intrusions may have formed in this life or from a past life and are usually caused from emotional residue. In other words, from an experience that we have not released or healed from. Energetic cords are connections or ties with someone or some situation. These connections can stay rooted in our being even if we have removed ourselves from a situation or relationship. Through releasing these energetic cords, you allow yourself and the other person or past to be free. The energetic blockages are released through being guided on a journey and using Reiki and crystals to assist the full release.

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