Private Sessions

Private Yoga:

A private session offers hands-on assisting and is completely tailored to you. We can discuss what you want from your practice and we will work together whether it be to just deepen your practice, alleviate pain, become flexible, find strength, release tension and anxiety or to find peace and connect to you higher self. A private class can be done from the comfort of your own home or at my location. For more information please visit SERVICES.


Discussion/connection before and after session, guided meditation, pranayama (breath work), intention setting/themed practice, asana (physical postures) practice, hands-on assisting, travel, and props

Reiki/Energy Healing:

Are you ready to activate deep healing? For more information please go to SERVICES.


Discussion before session to talk about energetic and physicals state, reiki session and/or chakra cleansing with crystals, use of singing bowl, removal of energetic blockages, discussion after session in order to reflect on the experience, travel, and table set up.

*If you are interested in shamanic reiki you will also be guided through a journey in order to release energetic blockages/cords.