Soul Wave...

Everything is deeply interconnected in this universe. Our souls are a spark that came from the the eternal flame of cosmic consciousness. Through yoga we can remember/uncover the deeper understanding of ourselves and find our way back home. When we choose to surrender and live each moment as an offering to the divine then our hearts will swell with love and truth will lift from the depth our being and once again be reunited with the Absolute.

Soul Wave..."the ocean knows that it has waves, yet the waves must remember that it is a part of the greater ocean" (paraphrased from Paramahansa Yogananda). The wave is never separate from the ocean. Just as we are never separate from Cosmic Consciousness, the Absolute, Divine, God, etc. (whatever symbol you use). We must remember our divine nature...that of the ocean. The root of Soul Wave Yoga & Practices is to create a space where individuals can find union back to our limitless source of creation.



Ashley Seymour is the founder Soul Wave Yoga & Practices. Shortly after Ashley began her personal practice, she knew she wanted to share and hold space for others to unfold in their own personal transformation. Ashley has trained with Frog Lotus Yoga and School Yoga Institute to receive her 500 hour teacher training certification. This path has also led her to become a Reiki level 2 practitioner, trauma sensitive trained instructor and to create a Youtube Yoga Channel. Ashley’s teachings focus on intuitive and energetic practices, based on the needs of the class or individual. After a trip to Peru for her 300 hour training, she deepened her relationship to energetic healing and shamanism and incorporates these techniques/experiences not only in her reiki/energetic sessions but weaves these lessons into her classes and workshops. Ashley continues to travel to Peru to teach yoga teacher training’s and to deepen her experience with shamanism & energy work.

Ashley’ teaches Yoga Teacher Trainings with School Yoga Institute and continues to share yoga classes, workshops and ceremonies. Ashley emphasizes the importance of becoming aware of one’s emotional, mental, and energetic state when moving deeper into any practice so that there is presence for releasing any blockages, patterns of the mind, emotions, or limitation that are no longer in service of one’s highest good. The body holds imprints from our past and through the physical practice one begins to unravel these tensions and release even deeper when focused, present, and connected with the rhythms of the breath. Sharing ceremony, yoga, meditation, workshops, and space with others is Ashley’s great honor and she does so with immense gratitude for the divine and beautiful souls that create the platform for her to live out her life’s purpose. Ashley share’s her heart and hopes her offering’s spark a light in others, so that they may continue on their path of uncovering their Divine connection to Source.



The mission of Soul Wave Yoga & Practices is to build a community centered around healing practices. Space will be held for those to find their own peace and happiness, through nurturing themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually with the support of a helpful community, trained therapists (Reiki/massage), and dedicated yoga instructors. Soul Wave Yoga & Practices is currently based out of NJ, US.